Who Is behind National Networking Day?

Youth Specialties (YS) http://www.youthspecialties.com  and National Network of Youth Ministries (NNYM) http://www.youthworkers.net are partnering to sponsor this day.

What is National Networking Day?

National Networking Day is a single date to build movement, support and prayer for youth ministry around the country. We are encouraging youth minister to join a network gathering on this day or if the area doesn’t have one, launch a network. In 2014 it will take place on October 16th.

What will happen on October 16th?

We will start with a short stream cast (web or phone) to unite all the networks that are meeting and we will have a time of prayer. Because our goal is to bring people together locally, this stream cast will last no more than 7 minutes to allow you to meet together.

How do I get information regarding the stream cast?

We will send a link to all registered network leaders prior to the event. You can use a phone to connect as well.  Get started now at http://www.ysnetworks.com

Do we have to meet on October 16th to register on the site?

No you do not.  We encourage you to meet on this day as we are hoping that youth workers not affiliated with networks will be looking to join one on this day.

Is there a program for National Networking Day?

Other than the optional stream cast we want to give you space to meet with youth ministers in your network. For those who are new to networking or want some assistance, we have provided a guide for this meeting that can be found here —-.

What if I want to start a network?

National Network of Youth Ministries (NNYM) has a QuickStart guide for launching a network in your area. NNYM also has regional, state and area coordinators across the country to assist in coaching and supporting your start up network. NNYM also maintains a comprehensive database of networks nationwide.

What is the difference between YS Networks and NNYM?

Both organizations seek to support networking among local youth ministers. NNYM has more than 30 years of experience in supporting local networks; YS has supported youth ministers with training events and resources locally for more than 45 years. Neither organization has dues or requires exclusivity to participate. While we have some differences in style and resources offered, we are in cooperation with the efforts of our missions. We encourage you to utilize the best both organizations can offer your network to see teenagers find and follow Jesus.


What are the benefits to joining the YS Network?

The YS Network is a “network for networks” so to speak. It’s a directory for those looking for networks, it’s a community, and it also has resources to help you manage your networks better. We will provide tips for having effective networking meetings, content to present at your meetings if you choose, as well as quarterly online gatherings and webinars to add to your leadership development.


What does it cost to join The YS Network?

Nothing. There are no membership dues or agreements to sign, it is merely a support ministry of Youth Specialties to further youth department.

What if my network is sponsoring a non-YS event?

Wonderful! We don’t put any limit on what you can or cannot do, we are here to support youth ministry particularly in the local church.

Can YS provide my network with discounts for YS training events?

Yes! As part of the YS Network you’ll receive discounts, first look at new resources, and opportunities to host YS events in your area.

Didn’t YS have another site called YS Network? Is this the same thing?

We previously had an online community forum called The YS Network, which consisted of a place for youth pastors to ask questions and share prayer requests. We decided to expand on that and help meet the needs of youth workers looking for local networks, and to help local networks connect with more youth workers in their areas. This is YS Networks—a site dedicated to helping youth workers and local networks connect online and in person.

Does YS have any resources that I can use for my network or to get one started?

Sure! Once you register and login, you can go to the Forums section and post a request for support in any topic area. In addition, YS will soon begin sharing resources for registered users only to download as tools for their networks and ministries.

There is no network listed in my area. Can I use this site to help get one started?

Absolutely! Once you register, be sure to post your listing as a Network Leader in your zip code area, and then begin inviting local leaders to join. Your network will also appear on the map for others in your area to find you when they search for a local network.

Is this another social networking site?

YS Networks is a community-based site where youth workers can connect with others and gather information from like-minded leaders who serve students. There’s no status to update, and you can be as social as you want to be with others, whether on the Forum or in messages to other members.

How do I invite people to join and/or let my network know we’re listed?

You can send an email, use your social media channels, or make a phone call and invite people and/or networks to join in. Just point them to www.YSNetworks.com and let them know what to search for (whatever you’ve named your network).

Is there a cost to sign up for YS Networks?

Nope. YS Networks is free. Just register, login, and start networking.


Is there a cost to list my local network?

No. It’s all free. Once you register as a Network Leader, you can let the rest of your network know about YS Networks and encourage them to register and join the network. The more active your network appears, the more appealing it will be for someone looking to join a local network.

How do I post an event?

Once you register and login on YS Networks, follow these simple steps:

1.    Click on “My Profile”

2.    Click “Events” from the list

3.    Under “My Events,” click the “Add Event” tab

4.    Enter the details of your event and click “Save.” That’s it!

Who can see my information?

Only users who have registered on YS Networks can view your information.