Didn’t YS have another site called YS Network? Is this the same thing?

We previously had an online community forum called The YS Network, which consisted of a place for youth pastors to ask questions and share prayer requests. We decided to expand on that and help meet the needs of youth workers looking for local networks, and to help local networks connect with more youth workers in their areas. This is YS Networks—a site dedicated to helping youth workers and local networks connect online and in person.

Does YS have any resources that I can use for my network or to get one started?

Sure! Once you register and login, you can go to the Forums section and post a request for support in any topic area. In addition, YS will soon begin sharing resources for registered users only to download as tools for their networks and ministries.

There is no network listed in my area. Can I use this site to help get one started?

Absolutely! Once you register, be sure to post your listing as a Network Leader in your zip code area, and then begin inviting local leaders to join. Your network will also appear on the map for others in your area to find you when they search for a local network.

Is this another social networking site?

YS Networks is a community-based site where youth workers can connect with others and gather information from like-minded leaders who serve students. There's no status to update, and you can be as social as you want to be with others, whether on the Forum or in messages to other members.

How do I invite people to join and/or let my network know we’re listed?

You can send an email, use your social media channels, or make a phone call and invite people and/or networks to join in. Just point them to www.YSNetworks.com and let them know what to search for (whatever you've named your network).

Is there a cost to sign up for YS Networks?

Nope. YS Networks is free. Just register, login, and start networking.


Is there a cost to list my local network?

No. It's all free. Once you register as a Network Leader, you can let the rest of your network know about YS Networks and encourage them to register and join the network. The more active your network appears, the more appealing it will be for someone looking to join a local network.

How do I post an event?

Once you register and login on YS Networks, follow these simple steps:

1.    Click on “My Profile”

2.    Click “Events” from the list

3.    Under "My Events," click the “Add Event” tab

4.    Enter the details of your event and click "Save." That's it!

Who can see my information?

Only users who have registered on YS Networks can view your information.