It’s not about who you know….but who knows you!

Why is networking important?

Networking is about making connections. Many youth workers find themselves serving in isolation as a volunteer or as a bi-vocational ministry leader. Too many youth workers are falling out of their youth departments due to lack of tools and resources, lack of internal support, or feeling as if they have to figure it out all by themselves!  Connecting to a network helps to replace the misses and add value to the success of the youth worker.  Networking is the vehicle that will accelerate your success and get you “plugged in!”

Why join YS Networks?
  • Be part of a tribe that is walking a similar path and knows many of the trials and triumphs of being a youth worker
  • Find out what else is going on in and around your city and community
  • Establish contacts that can provide tools and resources to help meet your students’ needs
  • Grow deep in relationship where peer-to-peer encouragement and mentoring moves beyond just ministry
  • Expand your sphere of influence and ministry career opportunities
  • Promote special events from your youth department
  • Gain new insights and wisdom from others
  • Find new entry points where your gifts and abilities could be used outside the four walls of your ministry position
  • Build relationships and trust with other nearby ministries that allow for collaboration on events, mission trips, etc.
  • Gain special access to YS resources, events, and trainings